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The AFL - Fueled by Muscle Milk since 2017

The AFL represents the pinnacle of elite sports in Australia. Athletes gruel through hours upon hours of training each week, striving to be the best of 18 teams in one of the most competitive sporting leagues on the planet.

During games, players can run over 17 kilometres - all whilst tackling, jumping and sprinting amidst a whole host of other strenuous movements. To be ready for the trials of an AFL Football match means being ready for anything. To get to that level of physicality, the players need a whole other level of dedication. 

It’s dedication that separates these teams, dedication that leads to improvement, no matter who you play for. There is always room to push the limits and reach the next level of greatness. Dedication to improvement is what Muscle Milk stands by because we believe that greatness is within anyone's reach. 

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The Richmond Football Club - Fueled by Muscle Milk since 2018

Since joining in the Victorian Football League in 1908, through 11 Premiership successes, all the way up until 2017 Toyota AFL Grand Final glory, the Richmond Football Club has had success as its number one priority. The main driver of this success? Performance when it matters. 

All the training, all the practice and all the hard work in the world won't amount to anything if you can't perform come game day. The Tigers encapsulate this mindset with their aggressive, high-performance game style - always fighting out four quarters of football. 

So, here’s to the Tigers' successes, past present and future - and here's to Muscle Milk being with them, every step of the way.