At MUSCLE MILK® we're all about protein for every body. From protein bars, protein powder, 100% whey protein and ready-to-drink protein shakes. We live for protein and are sure to have the right protein product for you.

Our passion for protein stems from the belief that feeling strong is more than just flexing at your reflection in the gym. It’s about feeling good and it feels different for every body. It’s the joy you feel when you sprint to catch the bus without breaking a sweat or a heel. It’s the infectious energy you radiate as you dance along to Kanye in HIIT class.

Whether you're a mother, a brother or an AFL hero, running, dancing, or scoring, we've created a formula of protein-based nutrition with the right ingredients to power you onwards and upwards.

Because STRONG FEELS GOOD and when protein tastes this great, strong feels even better.